Who Am I

Maarten de Kruijf

I grow up in Holland, Utrecht with my parents, two brothers and my sister. My brothers are five and six years older then me. My sister is one year younger.

Since I am a child I came in contact with sport. It was something that I start to like very much. Play everyday football and other sport games before and after school. Also went to participate in a football team, took swimming classes and in holidays went running and played tennis. Sport went an important thing in my life!

On my fifth my parents sent me to school. I finished this without problems.

After primary school I went to a secondary school where you have every day some practical classes. I can’t sit down for the whole day en study. So this was the best combination for everybody.

After secondary they advise me to go to a special college / university where they give a lot of sports education. I was agree with this and went.  After years I realized that I want to do something in the sport. They give at this university theory and practical classes about sport. They teach things as communication, social skills, how to teach, organize events, swimming, anatomy, psychology, etc. I specialist my self in trainer/coach wellness and trainer/coach football.

Those years I also start to work. I start to make money in a restaurant. Cleaning dirty dishes is not the best job, but it was a start.

One of the organizations where I did my practical orientation invite me start to work for them as fitness coach/instructor. So I start to work for them some hours in combination with my studies. The same organization asked me if I was interested in teaching cycling and swimming classes.

One other job of mine is football/soccer. On my 14th I started to teach the little children of my home town. On my 17th I took the responsibility of the youth team under 11. Give three days in the week training and coach them in the weekend when they have a game.

In 2007 I graduated for sports and movement coordinator, trainer/coach wellness and trainer/coach football. A lot of students went for farther studies to specialize themselves. I was not interesting in this. Had another plans.

The last years that I was studying I lost a little bit of pleasure in playing sports. I went looking for a new passion, a new experience. I always had a strong feeling for travelling and volunteer work. To help others, know other cultures. So after studies I went to South America. Volunteered in a social project for street children. Go away from the sports, and develop my self with new skills. After some weeks without I was missing the sports a lot. I asked the kids to go to the park for sport and recreation. And they loved it! I never felt my self so good! Help others through social work and on the same time doing things with sport! This is what I want! After this the real MAARTEN DE KRUIJF was born! I made many more experiences.

Read My Experience.

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