What I Do

What I Do! And for who.

With the experience that MAARTEN haves he want to help others. With his mission and vision always in his mind.

Here are the points how I can realize my mission and vision in the practice.

Maarten de Kruijf & …….

Sport Develops You Foundation: http://www.sportdevelopsyou.com Help people that want to do volunteer work in third world countries. Supports NGO’s. Give presentations on school. Give sport and recreation lessons.

Spinning / Indoor Cycling: Maarten haves many years experience to be a spinning / indoor cycling instructor in many different gyms.

Wellness: Personal / Group: You have something specials that that you really want to do?? Your dream is to participate to a marathon. This is possible. I will prepare you for the half 21km our the hole 42km. We will train and work together to realize your target!

You have the feeling to want to move and do activities, this is possible. Our your not feeling well, Coming back from sickness, and just want to change to feel good. We can train slowly and after some relaxing with swimming and sauna. We can also work together in groups; you can come with colleges our friends.

Goal ball team: Special sport for people with visual problems. Trainer /coach that haves time free to help them to develop the training. And help them before and after the game. Check this link to know more about this sport.

Football: With my UEFA licence from Royal Netherlands Football Association. I am a professional football coach. I can help different teams; youth and senior with technical and tactical parts of the game.

Education at schools our companies: You can invite Maarten for presentations on schools and events. Maarten will tell about his country’s where he went and what he did with assistant from a PowerPoint presentation with videos. How is on the other side of the world? What are third world countries? Also there is a practical part with sport and recreation games.

Recreation and sport for company’s and organisations: Ask you company our team for half day out.

Maarten is also available for BSO: After school activities.

Swimming: Maarten known well how to work and teach to children the method from the swimming exercises.


Questions? check: Contact

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