My Experience

Experience from MAARTEN.

2007/2008 I did volunteer work in Ecuador to help street children. The foundation in Ecuador haves support from a small foundation in Netherland. They help the children with school fees. Also we give help to the parents of the kids that they keep going the good way!

After this experience I went as a volunteer with grant from the European Union to Africa. I stayed for eleven months in Uganda. I worked on primary school, secondary school and start up sports activities in the weekend and holidays. On the same time I was living in an orphanage for children with HIV & AIDS.

Came back in Holland and I met an organization that supports projects in Brazil and Guatemala. I went working for them in Netherland to give presentations on schools. To teach the children what are 3rd world countries? What are children doing on the other side of the world?

I had the chance for going to Brazil and went working for a sport and recreation organization. Give sport education in the favelas from Fortaleza.

Before I went to Brazil I stayed also for three months in Ecuador to see the children again where I worked with in 2007. I was glad to see them again.

After Brazil people ask for help in Guatemala.  There also I gave sports education in different projects. Gave lessons to the maya’s. Also lead up young people to be a sport leader.

In 2012 went to India to work on an international school. The school want to develop them selves through better sport education on the school. They asked me to come there for three months to make a plan and start up an sports program on the school.

The last three months in India I volunteered for Slum Soccer. I started up een new Soccer Centre in the city Chennai. Also lead up new sport leaders.

Between all those travels Maarten went also four times to USA to inspire the children with soccer. In the summer from 2013 Maarten worked together with Frans Hoek (Assistand coach from the Dutch National Team. Worked for six years for Barcelona)

In 2013/2014 Maarten is in China to teach Chinese children soccer.

In all the continents where I went South-America, Central-America, North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia I saw that sport develops children and people. It’s a combination of social work and sports.

I played football for 15 years long, in all the youth teams until the seniors. I stopped with it because I start to do volunteer work.

With all those experiences MAARTEN want to do something: he is having a plan.  He made a mission and vision.  Check: What I want?

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