What I Want


Inspire lives through social work & sport! Show people that sport / recreation and movement is important. Not only good for your health, but you are developing yourself in many different ways.


To be an as good as possible Social/Sports & Development Worker!

Don’t play just for the sake of playing, but teach the children something they can use in their daily lives.

Now I work through the following two ways to realize my mission & vision.

  • Through training our education to others (personal or in groups)
  • Through my own foundation Sport Develops You

Through training our education to others (personal our in groups)

We are working together to reach something. We are training for developing in which way we want. We are making SMART targets. We make an plan and going to realize this. Possible through participate with personal training (wellness). Our through Spinning. Develop football skills. Have education about third world countries. Learn swimming.

There are always house and behavior rules;

  1. Safety first!
  2. Respect
  3. Making SMART targets (pt) Work always with meetings and evaluations.
  4. Work together
  5. Have fun
  6. Speak when there is something wrong, our want to know something.
  7. Use equipments good
  8. Discipline: We are coming on time

Every training we start with a short meeting about what we going to do and how. How we are going to develop. Those points helping me to realize my mission and vision. And reach the targets from you! Or your company.

We are always training through those points. When a company hired me to work for them, we try to find a combination with my mission, vision and rules with the one from the company.

 Here are some examples:

The things that I did in Netherland:

In Netherland I try to realize my mission & vision. I help others with what they want. Wellness trainer/coach

  • A 60 years old man is running a new personal record with the marathon from 21km, yeah; you can be proud that you reach this.
  • Women that had terrible sickness and was not feeling fine, feeling that there was something missing. Through sports and wellness she found a new passion, and gave her new energy, feeling stronger.
  • When I give cycling class and after I have 20 smiles around me. That means I made people happy.

This was the follow step that I made: outside Netherland

  • Give people a future. To leave the streets and go to a house and have work or go to school. Be Godfather of a child from ex street children.
  • Lead up sport leaders in third world countries.

Now this is what I am enjoying:

  • Give sport education all over the world, Europe, Asia, Africa, South-America, Central-America, and North-America. Learn skills that you need in daily life through sport.

Check: What I do with my mission and vision: What I Do! And for who.

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